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on Nov 2, 2011 in Landscape Photography

Double Arch in the Morning

In all my years of coming to Arches, I’ve never experienced Double Arch at sunrise. This year I decided I was going to and I can tell you, I will do it many times in the future. It did not disappoint! As you might imagine as the sun rises the light get’s hard quickly. So before the sun hit, I made some clicks as I walked up to the Arch. I ventured with just two lenses, the 14-24AFS and 16Fish. The Arch is BIG so WIDE was a must.

When the sun hit, you had many options. I shot it straight and used the shadow as a graphic element. I kinda like this series but I don’t think I worked it to its fullest. I think there is a lot more potential here that another visit requires. But the Arch had much more to offer!