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on Nov 2, 2011 in Landscape Photography

I Love This!

This is Double Arch looking back out into the desert and I love this shot! Talk about an amazing view on the world. Shot with the 16Fish, there are a few things that went into making this image. The first is the range of light was huge so I started with a 9 handheld image HDR. I then processed that image in Photomatic Pro and Photoshop. To get the sunburst I did two things, I shot with the lens closed down to f/22 and then moved so the sun was just baring peaking around the rim of the Arch. That makes the biggest and best starburst. Finally, I moved the Fish so the slope on the horizon which was sloping up naturally turn out to look pretty level. That “removes” the visual clue that I was using a Fish. But a Fish was a must to take in the whole Arch. It was simply a grand morning in one gorgeous location!