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on Nov 4, 2011 in Aviation

Hard to Plan When Excited

We’re in Galveston at Lone Star Flight Museum for our Air2Air Workshop and I’m so excited it’s just hard to plan. Yet, planning is so important to success. My started out at the Museum talking shop. That don’t suck! Then we came back in the afternoon to roll our their B-17G “Thunderbird” and P-47 “Tarheel Hal” and position for our sunrise shoot. I’m sure it’s just me, but being able to be afforded the opportunity to “play” with such pieces of our history is just amazingly exciting! Being able to control the placement of these aircraft for photography, being trusted is just such an honor. Now I took out Sun Seeker on the iPhone to see where the sun would be coming up, I looked at the background (knowing some will have to be removed in post) and parked the B-17G. Then came out the P-47 and we had to get it positioned using the same previsualization for final image in totally different light. After that excitement I was in the cockpit of the P-47 taking its portrait. Luckily I had Kevin & Chris as assistants which not only kept me on task, but with the tools I seemed to keep forgetting. Now I’m back in my room trying to plan for tomorrow when I’m so excited I can’t focus. Good thing I have a list on my iPad for static aviation photography and for air to air. Without those, I know I would forget something. Tomorrow is going to be great!