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on Nov 4, 2011 in Landscape Photography

I have No Words….except Thanks!

I broke my mold and put a person in the landscape. Photography has brought me many blessings, way too many to ever count. One of those has to be the day this gracious man answered my email and said he’d love to join me on a venture known as DLWS. I have learned much from Joe, some are the obvious things like flash. But most are those things salts like ourselves have in common and can share from surviving on the road with a camera for three decades. Our last evening together at DLWS, true to form as repeated many times in the past, we were seated for dinner away from the rest of the patrons, out where we could be loud and laugh and celebrate the joys only the click can bring. For all the times from our past and for all those yet to come, I have no words except Thanks!