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on Nov 15, 2011 in Field Reports

Start with One Light!

I listen VERY carefully every time Joe is teaching flash. The one thing he stresses that 99.9% of photographers miss (they are locked into numbers) is start with ONE light. Since I already acknowledged my short coming, I stuck with this basic precep, one light and I went with the sun. I also took this to the reinactors and went to working with just one. The light was killer and it was perfect, it was reflected light from a white wall. This giant light source was perfect and Walt was the perfect character actor!

Now I was in my zone with the light so then I just put my finishing touches to the photo. I went down low, shot at f/2.8 and let Walt do his thing. This is the file right out of the camera, not a single thing done to it in post. When I do this and see these kinds of results then I know I made the right call at the camera. Reflected light on a character, perfect!

Photos capture by D3x, 70-200VRII