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on Nov 23, 2011 in Landscape Photography

Fire Hazard or Photo Perch?

Our home is in a forest and fire is a constant threat. That goes with the territory so keeping the property maintained and “cleaned” up for fire hazard is a constant summer / fall job. Part of that is trimming the dead limbs up to 8′ about the ground. We actually take that mark higher on our property, up to 15-18 feet except for one tree, #2. Yeah, we have numbered the trees on our property. It’s real simple, if Sharon says, “The Coops is on the tree,” I have no clue where to look. But if she says there’s a Coop on tree 1, I know exactly where to look. Tree 2 is right outside our office window and is the tree my 600mm is pointed at when I’m working at my desk. So when it comes to limb trimming, don’t you touch my tree 2!

Those limbs are the perches my subjects perch on. No perch, no photo. Here’s a classic example why shot a few years back. It was a dry year, we had very little snow on the ground but if you look at the bottom of the limbs, you’ll see the snow is filling in the shadows. That light is filling in the belly of this Douglas Tree Squirrel making the photo possible. It’s really no more then a “cute squirrel” moment that lasted only a few seconds (which is why you should always have your camera and at the ready). But with the image size, light quality and the cuteness, these images sell really well. Everyone loves a cute squirrel. Now when I look at the bottom photo, I always think of something Jake said when he was real little and real cute and everyone liked to take his photograph. He would hears the clicks and see the lens pointed at him and say, “Make them stop daddy.”