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on Nov 28, 2011 in Aviation

The Crop …cont

I’ve mentioned a few times, there just is no book, PDF or website providing the recipe for cropping into elements in a photograph. I am always thinking about this since it is such a commonly asked question. I’m always trying to find the image or set of words that would aid. While shooting “Sentimental Journey” a week ago, I mentally thought of something that might, might just help some of you some of the time (that’s real committal of me, isn’t it?).

The crop in these two images follow on of the basic types of composition called Informal Balance. Informal Balance is when one side of the image is bigger/bolder then the other side. But in this case the crop is based on this basic composition principle. In the top image, the crop into the fuselage of “Sentimental Journey” is supported by the smaller element in the frame, “Made in the Shade” on the right. In the bottom image, the nose of “Sentimental Journey” (with its nose art) is much bigger in the frame then the engines with their props (strong diagonal line). Not that you’re always going to find elements that line up like these, but perhaps if you think of Informal Balance, it might help when you crop into your subject.

Photos captured by D3x, 24-70AFS