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on Nov 23, 2011 in Digital Darkroom

Nik Software Black Friday Promotion

I just received this email from Nik…how cool is this?! Happy holidays! we’re running our annual Black Friday/Cyber Monday special for our direct customers. The promotional pricing shown below runs from 11/23 – 11/28. Use promo code – moose Dates and time: * 11/23/11 at 9am PST to 11/28/11 12 am PST Promo detail: * 20% off individual Nik Software products * $100 off Complete Collection for Lightroom and Aperture * $200 of Complete Collection Ultimate Edition Now you can have this power in your photo...

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on Nov 22, 2011 in Just Out!

Half Price Print Thank You Sale

Sharon & I were just talking about print sales in 2011. We are simply amazed just how fortunate we are in how many folks have purchased prints. At our last DLWS in Moab I was thinking the same way so to say thanks to those folks, I gave them all a 24×30 print which they took home with them. Sharon & I were talkin about how we could say thanks for everyone for such a great year. So we came up with this little something. Between now and Dec 10th, our gallery prints are half price (S&H extra)! Now being a good capitalist, I’ll sell anything and in this case, that means that any image you see like here on the website, over on our Moose Aviation, in my book Captured, any of those images can be printed and sent to anywhere in No America for arrival before xmas. You can head here for ordering info, just remember to cut the price in half. And THANK YOU for making...

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on Nov 22, 2011 in Wildlife Photography

Set Them a Place at The Table!

Ah, the first snow of the season that will stick has fallen, winter is on! I love shooting critters in the snow for many reasons. They have their thickest fur, densest feathers, most of the time they are all puffed up to stay warm giving themselves the “I’m full and pleased” look. It is also easy to photograph them. I have learned over the years what patches of snow to NOT remove as it acts like a natural reflector so flash fill is not required. No matter the time of day, the snow bounces light up and makes getting snap shots easy to take. All you need are the critters! Attracting critters in the winter is real simple, food and water is all it takes. When it comes to food, suet works great because it is such high energy but even better, it doesn’t freeze. Lastly, suet hangs so snow doesn’t collect on it and even if it does get wet, it’s fat so it won’t spoil. We do...

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on Nov 21, 2011 in Aviation

“Tarheel Hal” – The Real McCoy!

I’ve had a whole bunch of emails today asking basically, “Is that for real?” The paint job on the nose of the Lone Star Flight Museum’s P-47D “Tarheel Hal” simply can’t be missed. Now I am waaaaaaay behind in getting images processed from the last couple of weeks air to air activity. I had 16 fights in the last two weeks and everyone of them produced a treasure trove of killer images. Getting those images processed, out to the pilots, articles off to mags has put bags under my eyes. It has also prevented me from doing a ton of research on “Tarheel Hal.” I do know though it is an accurate paint scheme for the pilot from WWII. You might ask like I was thinking that such a paint scheme might make you a bigger or better target. Once you get in the air and see it though you realize it makes it no more visible and as such, better target. I’m dying to read more about the...

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on Nov 21, 2011 in Aviation, Moose Cam

Moose Cam – Air2Air TX

01.01.2013 Pages are in the process of being updated. In the meantime you can watch our videos on our YouTube Channel as well as all Videos are available on iTunes as Podcasts! The thrill of working with a WWII bomber and fighters is like no other, especially meeting them in their environment, the...

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