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on Dec 9, 2011 in Great Stuff

One of Those Great Pay Days!

Today was our B&H day, complete 4hrs of presentations and meetings. Other the a quick, delicious lunch at Stage Door deli, we were at the store the whole time. I was here to attempt to entertain and inspire folks, give back to an industry that has given Sharon & I so much. Well after the landscape presentation, this very nice couple who had been waiting behind everyone else who was asking questions walked up to me. I had to look up into the eyes on the gentleman, he was tall, and he had broad shoulders yet his eyes were incredibly kind. He was a little shy when he approached and fiddle with a white shopping bag. As he was pulling the something out of the bag, he said that they, his wife and he had gotten so much from my blog and the like that they wanted to say thank you in return. He seemed a little chocked up and so was I when I saw what the little something was. I asked if the shirt was from his house, the wife like all good wives chimed in then to say he was the Capt there. There are many rewards that come from this biz, just the emails you send to say thanks means alot. But when someone like a fireman who really does something to give back to society presents you a company shirt, especially a NYFD, wow! It’s one of those great pay days you just never see coming. Thank you!