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on Dec 12, 2011 in Aviation

Intrepid – A Step Back in Time

Sharon & I wanted to visit the Intrepid a couple of years ago, right when it was towed out to be refitted. This was our first opportunity since its coming back to visit it so we squeaked out a couple of hours to give it a tour. What a great treasure! You really don’t need to know much about history to enjoy this unique floating museum. But if you know a little about WWII, Vietnam or the space race, the Intrepid comes alive! We spent 4hrs walking its decks, talking with a vet from the engineering room during WWII deployment, and seeing history we remember as kids from Mercury recoveries.

Now is this a photographic treasure? That really depends on where you are with your photography and history. There are lots a great shots to be had here but you have to look for light, history and tying those two together. The flight deck I knew because of the time of day wouldn’t be the spot for my shooting so I went prepared to work the hangar deck (which is inside). And I wasn’t disappointed. First, I went with no tripod, using proper hand holding and the incredible ISO quality of the D3s at 800 to make the shots happen. Then, I worked those aircraft like this F-86 Sabre Jet and the lighting for the display. I then shot a 5 image HDR which was combined using Photomatic Pro, opened in ACR and then finished with Nik Color Efex Pro. This might all sound really complicated or difficult but it really isn’t. Because of the D3s fast FPS and image quality, it’s honestly a no-brainer. Now the motordrive ripping off frames got the attention of one vet, making a comment that it sounded like gunfire, but that just opened up a cool conversation. If you’re in NYC and have a couple of hours, I encourage you to head over to the Intrepid, it’s well worth it!

In the Bag:
24f/1.4 AFS
Lexar 32GB UDMA 600x