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on Dec 15, 2011 in Aviation

Why We ALL Must Share Our Passion!

I really didn’t put much thought into it, kinda did it just to see what folks reaction would be to it. I certainly wasn’t prepared for the response we have received playing this video as folks walked into my presentation. But it’s why WE MUST ALL share the great fortunes life shares with us through our camera lens. Here’s another example that proves my point. Your photography can change the world!


I have to thank you for re-introducing me to my first photography passion – airplanes.

I watched the videos for your workshops on your website, then the long video at B&H last week as the introduction to your two sessions.

I grew up in the UK and when I was a youngster (a long time ago) I lived about an hours drive from Biggin Hill aerodrome. Biggin was a Battle of Britain figther station and is still in use today for light aircraft and executive jets.

A man who lived up the street from us, about twenty or so houses away, who the family really didn’t know, asked if I was interested in going to an air display at Biggin. To illustrate how long ago that was my parents agreed. So I borrowed Dad’s 35mm, fixed lens Halina 35X Super, bought a whole lot of Kodachrome and went and had a great time. The camera did not have a meter and neither did I.

Biggin had two air displays each year – in the summer a “commercial” where there were lots of war birds and a brief display from Shorts, a UK manufacturer and in September theBattle of Britain display – lots of warbirds ancient and modern. So I used to go twice a year. On rare occasions I would go to the really big air show at Farnborough and once to the USAAF airbase at Greenham Common – the year the Hercules turned 25 and the Phantom 20!

Then when I first married we bough a house near the airfield in Biggin Hill so I started going back to the airshows.

These were really great events. I will always remember the ground shaking and my chest thumping as a formation of 9 English Electric Lightnings flew in diamond formation over the airfield and went into vertical climb with full re-heats on! At the time the Lightning was the only Mach 2+ fighter, it was old and had very little firepower (2 small sidewinder air to air missiles) and was only deployed in Scotland to demonstrate how quickly the RAF could respond to the Russian Bear attempted intrusions into our airspace.

So I thank you again for bringing these vivid memories back to me and re-kindling my first photography passion.

I am saving my pennies so that one day I might be able to join you on one of your air 2 air workshops. (Although I have an irrationals fear of heights!).

Warmest Regards

Update: This is why I try to do so much for you fans, you do so much for others….another fan upon reading this blog posting was so touched that he is paying the tuition for the writer of the email to join us at our Air2Air Workshop! He has done that before, he is a really big hearted gentleman who wants to remain anonymous which we’re happy to honor. I know life will find a way to pay his generosity back! SO many thanks!!!