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on Dec 16, 2011 in Digital Darkroom

What, No Blog Today?

You guys crack me up! I’ve been jumping like a mad man from one fire to another, the blessing of being busy with business to which we are very thankful for. Last night, rather then having time to get today’s blog postings up, I was writing and updating Moose Camera Bag which was only a year behind (yikes, and still not finsihed). Then my plans went out the window today when I realized I only had two of my three classes for Photoshop World ready to send out (and they are do, now). My Dang, I Want to be a Wildlife Photographer and The Art of Aviation classes were all done. But my Blessing of the Pixel I hadn’t even started. So, rather then write a blog, I’m creating teaching content, writing recipes and creating screen captures for the workbook for next spring. Have a great weekend, make a click or two and then share them!

PS…I’ve received a whole bunch of emails asking where we’re going for the PreCon. As always, the location won’t be announced until Photoshop World but I can tell you, I’m incredibly excited about this one. NO ONE has ever done this shoot before which means we’re not heading to the mall or monument. Hotdogs, big time fun!