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on Dec 23, 2011 in Just Out!

Yeap, We’re Around Today

I had a couple of panicked emails last night wondering if the office would be open today (I answered your emails). A couple of folks doing last minute Christmas shopping. We’re around 9-5 PST today (and perhaps an hour or two tomorrow morning) to take care of you. There’s no time to mail you a gift card for a K&M Adventure, Air2Air Workshop, print or book but we can email you a gift card that you can print out and stick under the tree. If you’d like to do that for a loved one, friend or yourself, best bet would be to call 760.924.8632 and we’ll be happy to take care of...

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on Dec 22, 2011 in WRP Ed Zone, Moose's Print Lab

Moose’s Print Lab Class

The question of the day, “Will I be teaching a class on printing?” The answer is, I already am! Photoshop for Shooters is all about creating the best possible image/file for printing. The picture taking process is directly related to the printing process. The photo finishing process is directly related to the printing process. The act of hitting P and setting the printer to work is just the proof that everything you’ve done prior to that moment was correct. Just understanding that the statement “You profile your monitor so your prints match” is a myth which we talk about in class might solve all of your printing problems. You print to match your heart, not your monitor and we talk a lot about that. We spend two days talking printing! This wintery scene I wish was taken recently but we have no snow. Ba Humbug!!!! This scene was taken earlier this year at the Firehole River. I knew I was going to print this B&W so the challenge was...

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on Dec 22, 2011 in Aviation

The Illusion of Control

Every so often I get into conversations that I know from the start, I’m going to loose. Just too many myths to kill, too many ingrained bad habits to overcome. To my great surprise, my last dialog with a couple of photographers, I beat the odds. The point of the conversation, who is in control in photography, the photographer or the subject? I’ve always thought and worked under the assumption the subject is in complete control. With wildlife photography, that sentiment is generally accepted. Normally the first example used to counter this contention is the studio shoot. This is where the photographer has complete control of the lighting, camera, background and in theory, the subject. After this example is fully dressed by whomever I’m talking to, I then simply ask, “Who is in control of the facial expression?” Conversation stops. Then they usually comeback with, “What if it’s a product, no smile to worry about.” I usually say, “Ah, then you have the AD (art director) to make smile.”...

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