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on Dec 21, 2011 in Field Reports, Moose's Print Lab

Moose Print Lab – 4900 icc

I’ve received a whole bunch of email in regards to the new Moose’s Print Lab. To be totally honest, the response has been quite overwhelming, the response. I really wasn’t prepared for it. It would seem I totally underestimated the desire of folks to print. The common thread in all the response is the desire to learn the “KISS” methodology to printing. I hear ya and I’m working on some material for you put. One thing I heard a lot about from folks is they don’t have and can’t find the profiles for the Epson 4900 for the Signature Worthy Papers, the Hot & Cold. I went looking for a download and like folks had reported, I didn’t readily find them either. So here are the profiles I have. I’m a PC guy and honestly don’t know if they work on Mac. But it’s all I got.I gotta get back to writing,...

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on Dec 20, 2011 in Field Reports

Congrats Kai!

We want to say Congrats to Kai, a participant in our Lone Star Flight Museum Air2Air Workshop. Here’s what he just sent us Hello folks, I have won the front cover competition for Flight International and the B17G Thunderbird and Skyvan are the stars. I mentioned Air2Air Workshops and more in the brief they wanted but as I have only seen the cover I do not know yet what they wrote. I learned a lot at the workshop, but what Moose said about light and how important it is really struck a chord with me. Attached is a thumbnail of the cover. Cheers Kai P.S. The price is 100GPB and a framed copy of the front page. That is not really why I entered but it is nice to get something. Kai was simply a hoot to have along and I admire his passion. Here’s a gentleman so passionate about aviation photography that the fact he has to use a cane didn’t stop him. That’s right, he was shooting...

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on Dec 20, 2011 in Digital Darkroom

Moose’s Print Lab

Printing is such a fun thing to do. Sharing your photographs is such an important thing to do. Printing is a win win and I would like to help you do more of it. So I created a new page that with time, if I hear from folks, I’ll expand it. Hope it...

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on Dec 20, 2011 in Landscape Photography

I Haven’t the Foggiest

I’m so wishing for the white stuff because right now, our front yard meadow is just brown. Argh! So I went skiing through the files to find some of the white stuff from days past. I didn’t have to go far, Feb in Yosemite. I found these two images which I hadn’t processed yet. I know why they weren’t processed, they are a reminder that I still haven’t got this one shot I’ve always wanted from Yosemite. When you walk into the Mountain Room on the far wall is this sweet photo of cedars in the fog. I’ve always admired and wanted that photo but have never been presented with the opportunity to create my own version. But I’m always looking and when I see the fog mixing with the trees, my lens points in that direction. Now there are three elements in that photo in the Mountain Room I like. First is obviously the fog. Next are the trees and lastly is the color contrast of the trunks...

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