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on Jan 16, 2012 in Just Out!

B&H – Going Back to My Roots

Back in the day when I shot film, I called Jay at B&H who shipped it to me wherever I was, whenever I needed it. It was service I depended on for a long time. Well after a bit of time wondering, I’m back at B&H. A good friend brought us together and I’m very glad he did! Some have noticed the change in some of my blog postings where I list the gear I shot with. They are linked to the gear on the B&H site. Some have noticed the banner in the lower right corner. These are the big things B&H & I have in the works!

The relationship we’re and building is one that benefits you! Soon, we’ll be announcing a specific Moose 800 Hotline at B&H. This will put you in touch with a handful of specific sales persons who I’ve consulted with so they can answer your question just like you were talking with me. And if they don’t have the answer (which I doubt), they will have a hotline to contact me directly so they do have the answer. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I posted on Google + / Facebook a couple of days ago presentations I did at the B&H Event Space. These events sponsored by Lexar are free to you as are the videos produced from those presentations. Here they are:

And we have still more coming in 2012. Here’s how this relationship works though, it takes your involvement. You can support this and help me help it grow by watching the videos, telling your friends to watch them. It’s also a business and to encourage B&H to expand their support in photography and photographers, I ask you click on the links when you can to make your purchase. I am very excited about this old relationship renewed and the commitment B&H has made in helping me help you with your photography. There is more to come and as it’s ready for prime time, I’ll be sure to make you aware of it. I want to publicly thank B&H and YOU for your support!