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on Feb 6, 2012 in Camera Tech

iPad as Photo Biz Tool

I mentioned on Google+ I was traveling with just the iPad on a business trip and had a number of folks ask I explain how I’m making the iPad do more then just be a movie machine. I normally travel with two notebooks, a Dell m4500 & m6500. The m4500 is the mobile office for image processing to communicating. The m6500 is the teaching / presentation notebook. And both notebooks can back up each other. On this trip, I would be spending more time traveling to and from then in meetings, there was no “shooting” involved so I decided to just go with the iPad and it did not disappoint!

My needs for business were simple, a professional presentation tool. Nothing shows off images like a iPad but there is more to that then that. I wanted the iPad to look like a tool and not a toy so I have a very clean and simple leather case for it. A finger printed, greasy screen just doesn’t fly when making presentations so I depend on the Wacom Bambo pen to navigate on the iPad. It was interesting to see I wasn’t the only one at the meeting like that. I needed to be able to find images, for that I use the Photo app that comes with the iPad. While I’m not in love with the Photo App (or any for that matter) in how they permit me to organize my images, I do love that I can easily access them and send them via email, insert into Word Docs, just a number of things really quickly and easily.

Using Pro Show Producer I can create elaborate presentations that with their pluggin, can be loaded on the iPad. With the iPad VGA cable, I can plug the iPad into a projector or monitor and play my Pro Show Producer presentations which include music anywhere. Even though these meetings were all about wildlife, I still was asked about my cockpit panos so I have Pixeet 360 on the iPad to show them off. I have to tell you, the iPad made my experience a whole lot easier and more effective. There were a bunch of iPads at the meeting, all being used for business. It was great easily seeing folks during the meeting and not having to peer over a notebook screen. The iPad in a Keyboard Case was great and popular tool!

I did take my Kensington bluetooth keyboard with me, just didn’t take it to the meeting. I use Pages A LOT to write and the Bluetooth keyboard just works better for me when I’ve got more then a couple of sentences to write. And like normal, I had a request for a 500 word piece which I quickly cranked out and emailed to the client. I have my invoice template in Pages so I can invoice quickly as well. I like that! Having the 3G version makes it really nice to respond to emails and do other web work from anywhere. While I have movies loaded for air travel, our son just made us aware of HBO GO which, if you have a HBO subscription is totally free. Have a wireless connection in a plane, room or lobby and you have a massive library of visual content to enjoy.

One thing I do not use the iPad for is uploading and manipulation of my DSLR images. Between no HD space, not able to deal with file size and no open file naming ability, it’s just not an option. But that’s about the only limitation I find for the iPad. The number of projects and sales we have been able to finalize using just the iPad is staggering to me. I’ve only touched on the ways I use the iPad and have come to depend on it but hope it helps answer some of the questions folks had about it as a business tool.