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on Feb 23, 2012 in K&M Adventures, Landscape Photography

I Wasn’t Going to Just Drive By Again!

I’ve driven past this sign in route to Monument Valley so many times and as I going wizing by, I mumble at myself for not stopping. Well, heading Monument Valley today on our first day of our K&M Adventures, I said I wasn’t doing to just drive by again. The clouds and light on this ’40s gas station sign was too cool to be ignored.

I have no doubt some in the van thought I was nuts for stopping, but I am nuts. Now I really like the photos, they are a part of our motoring past and mother nature has made the sign modern art as far as I’m concerned. Making the image was pretty simple. Set the camera to -1 exp comp, 5 frame hand held HDR and click. Assembled in Photomatix Pro then finish in PS with Color Efec Pro 4 > Tonal Contrast and a Levels layer. And now, I have the sign and don’t feel guilty for just driving by!

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