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on Mar 30, 2012 in Field Reports

iPad version of BT Journal is HERE!

We are incredible excited to announce our iPad version of our BT Journal is now available! The BT Journal which has been in print for 16yrs is vastly expanded in the iPad version with 50% more photographs, 200% more captions, video clips, slideshows and a new feature, pg28 Photoshop Lesson showing how I finished one of the images in the BTJ and a whole lot more is included in the iPad BT Journal. And the first issue is FREE! All you’ve gotta do is click on the link and away you go! See if the waterfall fakes you out like it did me (Brent laid out lots of surprises) But wait…there’s more :-) We actually have a number of more issues to release here in the near future. We actually have a number of issues ready to do once we were approved by Apple (got it on our 2nd submission thanks to Brent’s hard work). All the issues have the 50% more images, captions and video, slideshows, can’t wait...

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on Mar 30, 2012 in K&M Adventures

K&M Adventrues – Grand Canyon Winter ’13

Yesserie…K&M Adventures is heading to the Grand Canyon, South Rim 21-24 Feb, 2013 for my first workshop ever at the Grand Canyon. Permit is in the mail, lodging is getting set up so I couldn’t wait a moment longer to pull the trigger to tell folks. I’m so excited to be doing this!!!! Now the first thing you need to ask is, why February? Real simple, the GIANT possibility of storms! Clouds make the Canyon come to life like nothing else and the white stuff sets off the colors better then any digital darkroom technique. It’s simply gorgeous! I’ve shot at the Grand Canyon dozens of times over the decades but waited until now to take a small group to a favorite location of mine. The price is $1995 which includes instruction and transportation once you arrive in Flagstaff. You feel adventerous and wanna push your photography, camera & digital darkroom skills while having a ton of fun at the expense of sleep, then this is the place for...

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on Mar 30, 2012 in Aviation, Just Out!

EAA Warbird Super Corsair Piece

I whole bunch of your asked to be notified when articles I had done on the Super Corsairs were out. The great folks over at EAA Warbirds were good enough to post the PDF of the entire article here. This was a once in a lifetime event for the aircraft and me. It would have never happened without the friendship of Robert Odegaard, the man responsible for these incredible aircraft to be able to fly again....

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on Mar 30, 2012 in Camera Tech

D4 Settings

D4 Settings They are not kept under lock and key but neither are they set in stone. But I’ve had hundreds of requests for my D4 settings so here they are. You click on the link, unzip the file and load it onto your card and then navigate to Setup Menu > Save/load Settings > Load Settings on our D4 and you’ll have my settings. Now you’ll have them all which includes Copyright set to my name, so I recommend you erase that. I also recommend you copy your own settings to a card and put that aside so in case you don’t like my settings, you can reapply your own. Sorry, I simply don’t have the time yet to write all the settings out. Keep in mind the hardware settings are: AF-C, D21, A Mode, CH, Matirx. Now will these settings change? They might a little bit but I don’t foresee any big changes. I want to emphasize these settings are just that, my settings and reflect my...

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