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on Mar 6, 2012 in Just Out!

Where’s the Wacom?

Ever since the NAPP boys Wacom love fest with my bud Wes last week, I’ve been getting emails asking where are my settings, video and product info? Well, I was wondering the same damn thing so over the weekend I left one of my traditional phone messages for my bud, the one and only Wacom Joe. Now there is no nicer person on the planet, I love him to death but if I was waiting for take out delivered by Joe, well, let’s just say I wouldn’t have a weight problem!

The 24HD which you see here is simply a thing of beauty! Replacing my two 21UX units with just the one 24HD is a dream. Getting desk real estate back is just the start, the display which you can calibrate the closest of any monitor to the Adobe RGB color space is to die for. I don’t wanna get you too excited about getting one (the time they save puts money into your pocket) because you might have heard they are hard to find. I heard from a little birdie though you can order then direct from Wacom and they are in stock.

Whata bout the new Intuos 5? Well, I’ve not seen one of those yet but my friends who do have them are sure rubbing it in they do and I don’t! I’m told that mine are “in the mail” so once it is here, I will surely get a video out and setting posted. Talk about not only damn cool but faster workflow! I gotta have! My favorite size is the Large because in its case, it fits perfectly in my check in luggage.Yeah, they travel with me everywhere. These are in stock and you can order yours now direct!

And if that’s not enough Wacom excitement for you in one posting (I know I’m exhausted) did you know they had a blog? Yeap, Wacom Blog is where you can simply learn about how to make the most of this technology and a whole lot more! it’s not where you’re going to get a sales pitch, but rather how to make the most of not only Wacom products but working in the digital darkroom. You might recognize Wacom Joe’s name, together, we’ve created a few unique Photoshop finishing techniques such as putting a light on a lighthouse. So he knows his Photoshop. And if you’re heading to Photoshop World DC, you can see these products and the Wacom Boys personally. And with that, it’s all the excitement I think anybody can handle in one post!