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on Mar 8, 2012 in Moose Adventures

I Actually Do Shoot Wildflowers, Sometimes

I’ve made many a joke about not sticking my ass in the air to photograph wildflowers, what my botanist/biologist friends call “belly rubbers.” While I do shoot them when I have too, this isn’t the such an instance. Mules ears are a BIG wildflower, I don’t have to set down on my knees for them. With the right winter and spring, the entire hillsides in the Eastern Sierra can be covered in these which makes even a wildflower neophyte like myself make a click or two of them. That’s just one of the subjects you might have time with at our Mono Lake Weekend.

Now why did I even stop to look let alone photograph these wildflowers? Those with me asked the same thing. The reason, the color of course! The top image, the Mules Ears were right next to the creek so the challenge of getting a sharp image (slow shutter speed for water, blossom moving in breeze) was a challenge. And then the yellow against the slate gray water, killer color contrast. the bottom photo, getting close with a really wide lens and finding the one blossom that to me had “attitude” what a different kind of challenge. If these types of challenges along with the beauty of Mono Lake strike your imagination, come on up to our Mono Lake Weekend and together, we can photograph wildlflowers 🙂