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on Mar 9, 2012 in Aviation

Flight of a Lifetime!

Flight, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a bird. I mean, there’s a Peregrine on a cliffs edge and without what seem no forethought, it seemingly falls forward, opens it’s wings and then rip ass through the sky without a beat. Just what the hell is that like?! You sure don’t get the sense of flight in a commercial just and while I’ve been spending a lot of time hanging out of an aircraft, that doesn’t give the sense of flight. So when my good friend Bob told me we were going to fly in a Breezie, my first thought was, “Will this be like what birds feel?” So we pulled Ode’s Gullwing out of the hangar, jumped and and flew down to where the Breezie is hangared. This is a simple 5 image HDR of Bob flying the Gullwing down to the Breezie. He loves to tell you what you’re seeing out the window and below as you fly!

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The video will start and on the left you’ll see the Gullwing we flew over in. This is just a small clip of the 30min flight. I posted a compressed little clip of this flight a couple of weeks back. That compression lost a few things in translation. You might notice now for example that some of the time, we’re flying below the cactus and the fence. We saw coyote, rabbits, snake and a whole lot of earth as we screamed along. You’ll see we even rip past a car on the highway, we were going fast. I shot it all with a D3s, 14-24AFS that I just handheld. Flying with Bob which I’ve done a lot now, you never think about the “flying” thing, just the sheer enjoyment of the act of flight. And I can honestly say now, I have a slight idea what it would be like to fly like a bird. My arms never got tired but the sensation of freedom while cruising over the landscape is something I will never forget. Thanks Bob!!! Enjoy!