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on Mar 15, 2012 in Landscape Photography

Sands of Monument Valley

If there is one thing I love to photograph and simply don’t get enough opportunities and that’s sand dunes. The patterns of light and shadow rolling up and down and just sooooo sensual! Here’s the trick to getting the shots I think. First, not to step in your own photo! Once your footprint is in the photo, it ain’t comin out so you have to be careful where you step. This is hard to do as you’re chasing the light which is constantly changing. Now it’s those patterns that make or break the photo IMHO. The top photo is one that I thought had promise and then after racing up the sand to it, it’s just too busy for the peace of the sand. I liked shadow but the rest….Then the bottom photos, you can see the before and the after. Here, there is just the tinniest of elements interrupting the pattern. Look at the difference when you remove those small elements. It’s the smallest details that can do you in no matter the photo.