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on Mar 20, 2012 in Just Out!

Yes, I Have a D4!

“Are we there yet?” I think the pilots on my flights from Orlando were ready to shoot me but my D4 had been sitting in my office for 4 days, I wanted to get home. I can’t thank enough Gabe at B&H and NPS who got this gorgeous body into my hands. After getting through the 3feet of new snow at 1:30 this morning, I was able to open the box and take in that special smell of a new camera body. I was up early this morning dialing in settings and thinking about how I was going to start testing. We leave o:dark thirty tomorrow for PSW so it’s a challenge, not going out now shooting rather then getting work done. Not the testing, that’s a snap!

There are a number of new features and updates in the D4, the most important for me to first master is the updated AF system. The lever I relied on on the back of the D3 is now gone. We have more settings in the menu system driving the AF system, all to be tested and mastered. What I did was to download the D4 Instruction Book PDF to my iPad and then flying back yesterday, I read the whole thing and marked the pages of updated, new or interesting features I want to test. I’ll start getting those 2000+ email questions answered and post more as I learn more. To answer a common question, the accessories I’ve ordered for the D4 is a DK-19, Nikon EN-EL18 and RRS plates (though D3 plates fit really nicely) Stay tuned, it will be fun!