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on Mar 26, 2012 in Great Stuff


Photoshop World is a biggie to me, it’s just so much fun! The Precon is how it all starts for me so I try to make it as much fun as well as good photography as I can when I start planning it. This spring’s PSW in DC was great with a group of Civil War reinactors. I’ve written many times about my association with Russell Brown who many of you know as Dr. Brown from Adobe. I use the term association because, well, the things we’ve done in the search of an unique photograph goes way beyond friendship and this PSW, we proved ourselves.

When I told Russell some time ago what I was planning for the Precon, he naturally asked, “You need a Abe Lincoln?” In my mind, I could picture him making a great Abe Lincoln and as you can see, he did! The real funny thing was, he was really nervous sitting with the “confederates.” I tried to tell him it was 2012 and he wasn’t really Abe, but it took hours, literally, to get him to sit down to make the photo he went to Precon to get. Of course, I should have known that “Abe” was just to sedate for Russell. We no sooner got off the bus for Precon and Russell is dawning this outfit he commissioned be made for him. Only Russell would come up with this costume!

All of these photos were taken with the D4, a camera I’m coming to like more and more. This is just my gut feeling, but there is more to the D4 then what the sales brochure lets on. I have still not done any formal testing but just shooting with it, there are two things I’m pretty sure of. The files the D4 produces are gorgeous! I’m really liken what I’m seeing on my monitor. I can’t wait to get back to the office and print them up. I’m also pretty darn sure the D4 does have a greater dynamic range. How much more and how we take full advantage of it I’m still working on. The AF system in low light is superior to what we’ve had before, that I am sure of. Have a bugger the holds 74 Nefs on one blast simply kicks ass. And today I shot my first real video with it and it’s sweet! I’m working through my base settings and should have those for you in the next couple of days.

A side note on processing. The top “Abe” shot is a D4 Nef processed in ACR 6.7 which doesn’t recognize the D4’s Standard or Vivid (or new Landscape) mode. So I’m not pulling the full potential out of the file when processing. The image was then finished in PS CS6 using Nik’s CEP4 Detail Extractor and Glamor Glow. Then that was run through Silver Efex Pro. The middle went through ACR and then Silver Efex Pro > Old Time setting. The bottom photo was shot on the Wescott shoot on the PSW exhibit floor and is an out of the camera shot. Many are stopping me and asking me how I like the D4. I like the D4. I will be honest with you like I am them. I think the D4 has some evolutionary and revolutionary advances that will require me to rethink and advance my approach to exposure. The increased dynamic range is exciting to me.