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on Mar 29, 2012 in WRP Ed Zone

Got CS6…Got D4…I’ve Got the Class for You!

Ya, now that they’re both public, I can say that Photoshop for Shooters includes Photoshop CS6 and the Nikon D4 instruction. Even more exciting, our newest sponsor Wacom will be giving away ONE of their new Intuos 5s during the workshop (Thanks Wacom!). This two day workshop which, thanks to you, has become very popular because it’s all about YOUR photography! We are pleased we can offer two Photoshop for Shooters 5-6 May, 22-23 Sept, 2012 held in gorgeous Mammoth Lakes, CA (that’s up in the Sierras). While some come for the instruction, we’re finding the giant PDF we send out of my favorite shooting locations a huge draw since it explains when and where to be to get those shots that I love to post here.

The title for this workshop might not be the best at describing what the weekend is all about, but it’s short and sweet. It we had to come up with a workshop name that described the workshop, it would be something like this. Learn to get the most from yourself every time you put that incredible tool to your eye to get the most from it and then finish that with the knowledge of the digital darkroom workshop. See, that workshop name just doesn’t sing. We start off with the most important thing, camera settings and not just which ones to set but how they effect YOUR photography. From there we head into the digital darkroom. I want to help folks with their photography and the vehicle we’re going to use in this class is Photoshop to help improve your captures! Did you know you can use Curves in Photoshop to learn about Exposure Compensation in the camera? And I want you to be able to share your images which is why I go through printing so you can share your adventures. The camera and the computer, they go hand in hand and knowledge of both is so important I feel to get what you see and feel reaching the heartstrings you’re sharing your photography with. And that’s the end game to all of this, grabbing heartstrings.

Wanna learn more, you might wanna read what those who have attended have to say….click here…or simply call WRP @760.924.8632 or 661.204.1506 to register. We are very honored to be sponsored by NAPP, Nik Software and OnOne Software and we have more dates coming in 2013.