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on Mar 29, 2012 in Camera Tech


“What’s XQD?” questions are filling my email box after this mornings D4 post since it comes with the Sony 16GB XQD card. To be real honest with you, I knew nothing about it until it showed up in my D4 box. Not that I’m thrilled with having it as one of my two slots in the D4 nor do I profess to understand the engineering reason behind its inclusion, I do know it works and works really well! First, it’s not as big as a CF card nor as small as a SD card. Next, the slot in the D4 for the XQD has no pins which means you cannot bend them rendering the slot useless until repaired. Lastly, the slot is spring loaded, you just have to push on the XQD to extract it from the camera. And with the speed I’ve already mentioned, those are the pluses to the XQD.

What are the minuses? The first one and a biggie to me is it requires its own reader. I already have a bunch of Lexar USB3 Dual Slot readers which rock! The Sony XQD cards and readers are expensive and at this moment, hard to find. It’s not like you can fill that slot with puddy and move on, you’ve gotta make work what you’ve got. What’s the answer?

This is the answer as far as I’m concerned, the Lexar 128GB 1000x card in Slot 2! I do not have this in hand yet but I know (don’t ask how) that the Lexar 1000x will be faster then the XQD and at 128GB, I doubt I’ll need a second card and if I’m that fortunate, I’ll just load another 128GB card. What about the XQD card? I’ll leave that in the camera and make it the “video” slot. Hope this trivia helps!