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on Mar 29, 2012 in WRP Ed Zone

Got CS6…Got D4…I’ve Got the Class for You!

Ya, now that they’re both public, I can say that Photoshop for Shooters includes Photoshop CS6 and the Nikon D4 instruction. Even more exciting, our newest sponsor Wacom will be giving away ONE of their new Intuos 5s during the workshop (Thanks Wacom!). This two day workshop which, thanks to you, has become very popular because it’s all about YOUR photography! We are pleased we can offer two Photoshop for Shooters 5-6 May, 22-23 Sept, 2012 held in gorgeous Mammoth Lakes, CA (that’s up in the Sierras). While some come for the instruction, we’re finding the giant PDF we send out of my favorite shooting locations a huge draw since it explains when and where to be to get those shots that I love to post here. The title for this workshop might not be the best at describing what the weekend is all about, but it’s short and sweet. It we had to come up with a workshop name that described the workshop, it would be something like...

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on Mar 29, 2012 in Camera Tech

Where’s the D4 “Review?”

I’ve had a whole bunch of emails asking just that, where’s the D4 “review?” I guess shooting with it for less then a week, “you should be able to write a review, right, others have.” Well first, I’ve not written a review for a long, long time. I have written field reports but to me, there is a huge difference. To me, a review is no more then reading the specs and writing a review based on those. Not really very helpful to anyone wanting to get the most from their D4. The field report on the other hand is no more then my findings shooting with just one camera body sample. But those with a D4 can test their body’s results against mine and make some conclusions. And shooting with a new body for less then one week is by no means a field report worth writing. I’ve seen some “reviews” and here’s my first problem with them. We’ve been using a 1008 pixel based RGB system up...

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on Mar 28, 2012 in Great Stuff

The Fear Factor

Photoshop World to me is the greatest event to ever come along and twice a year a celebration of what it is to be a photographer! It is also the scariest venture I know about. One of the miracles of www is a world getting to know me without meeting me personally. One of the worst things in the world is everyone getting to know me through the www without every meeting me personally. I often talk about reality and perceptions of photography and my huge fear is that the reality of Moose doesn’t match the perceptions. This comes to a head when I have a class to present at PSW. There is some bloody amazing talent on stage at PSW, much of it very young and explosive. Take Jeremy Cowart…wow! Then there is me and my critters, landscape and avaition photos. So when you have a class that starts at 08:15 when the parties ended at 02:00 you just gotta wonder, will anyone show? I like to get...

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on Mar 28, 2012 in Camera Gear Posts

“The General”

The Photoshop World precon was not only a great event, but provided a great field testing site for the D4. Starting with light that wasn’t great, I was able to see just what the D4 could do for me. The General was more then happy to be the guinea pig for my testing. I started off by getting past my own issues with photographing people. I’m simply not comfortable walking up to a stranger, talk to them and convince them they should let me photograph them. The General and I locked eyes and I took that as a opening to introduce myself and photograph him. Though the light was really nasty, under the tent flap it was very diffused and perfect. With the 50f1.4AFS attached, I shot at f1.4 and made some clicks. I actually like them too. The General noticed the motordrive sound of the D4. It is distinct and when it’s rippin, you can’t miss it. He could pick me out of the crowd. I moved out...

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