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on Apr 2, 2012 in WRP Ed Zone

Stepping Back – Stepping Forward

Going outside your comfort zone is so important in ones photographic growth. Working with “models” is something that isn’t in my bag of tricks so when Craig suggested doing a precon with 20 models, to say it made me nervous is an understatement. Then stepped in the amazing Rosie, what a doll! For those of your who have not attended one of NAPP Safari Precons, it’s an all day event where with my pal Joe McNally, we start in the classroom talking photography and then head out into the field to put it into practice. We’ve shot red rocks and dead cowboys, aircraft and models in art museums and now, civil war reinactors. We go out with 60 amazing folks with giant smiles and big hearts wanting to simply enjoy shooting with other like minded folks and laugh a little. It really is a grand day!

Along with the fellowship and teaching, it was my first “shoot” with the D4. What you see here are photos right out of the camera (except the top image). Processing was no more then opening up Mini Bridge, selecting all the files, holding down the shift key and double clicking. I am very pleased with the results! The images I selected are two fold, they are images I like and they are all images that the compensation on the D4 was set to 0. It’s a pretty wide range of light with the new 91,000 pixel system doing a really good job faithfully recording what I saw. Now that’s now the same as I felt but I need to get that first part down before I make the camera do the second.

The very last photo is my Ms. Rosie, the sweetest southern bell whose ankle I ever did photograph (I know Craig will report this to you). I simply can’t thank her enough! Her very unselfish and cheery nature made this day possible for all of us, opening the minds and hearts of us all. Thank you for all you did!