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on Apr 11, 2012 in Just Out!

Short Lens Wildlife Photography Course

This photograph of an endangered Giant Kangaroo Rat was taken with a 14mm lens less then 8″ away from the critter. How did I do that and a more important question, can you do that?

I think you can with a little knowledge and that’s where this course will help. Short Lens Wildlife Photography Course is for anybody with any brand and any focal length lens. But the goal is to teach basic and advance wildlife photography techniques and strategies using lenses no longer than 400mm. Just how do you fill the frame with your subject with just a 200mm or 300mm lens? That’s one question we’ll answer in this two day class. In that answer is such information like finding the critter, light, flash, biology, approach and a few other essential pieces of the puzzle.

What’s required for the course? A willingness and passion for wildlife photography. That’s all! But if you want to take it further, this is what else you might want to bring. It is an intensive two day, weekend course with no field shooting. But (you knew that was coming) when you come with a camera body, a lens, 70-200 or 70-300 or 300f2.8 or 200-400 or straight 400mm just to mention a few options and a flash, I will have you shooting in the class subjects that might not be moving but will drive you nuts while teaching you very important lessons. My goal for you for the weekend is for you to leave with the confidence and knowledge you can photograph any critter your heart desires with the gear you own!

Have I caught your imagination, more importantly your heart? Well here’s the deal, we’re looking for at least 10 people (25 max) to register to put this on. It will be 7-8 July, 2012 and the price is only $395 (pays for instruction only) for the weekend course. You call, and register and once we have the minimum of 10 folks, we’ll charge you for the workshop and off we go. Oh yeah, it will be held in Mammoth Lakes, CA high up in the Sierra where in July you’ll have plenty of subjects to practice on in the evenings after the course. If you’re game, give us a call at 760.924.8632 / 661.204.1506!