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on Apr 12, 2012 in Landscape Photography

Winter Feeder Fun Favs

Here’s some of the clicks I like from my Winter Feeder Fun. Like I mention in the video, my goal wasn’t to make the image of a lifetime but do some real world testing of a new feature. The fact I got some images I like is just simply icing on the cake. And I like cake! Why do I like these? The top one has a little “human” gesture in it, the next I like the action, the next because of body gesture and the last, it just makes me smile. None of these are magazine covers but simple rewards from simple shooting. I’ve asked why am I using the antler for a perch? When it snows the wind blows. When the wind blows perches move. When perches move when you’re shooting at 1/60, nothing is sharp. Antlers are not only unique, they don’t move in the wind 🙂

Many ask how I’m processing my D4 images. Like I’ve always processed my wildlife images. I open Photoshop > Mini Bridge > Select image, hold down the Shift key and double click. All done!

Some read the fine print (unlike my Moose Settings post) and asked about the Custom Setting e4, what’s up with that? Well, I highly recommend you read the IB and do some testing. If you’re looking for info from me, it will be in the upcoming issue of the BT Journal along with a bunch of other info making the D4 an evolutionary tool.