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on Apr 13, 2012 in Great Stuff

SLWPC Is Rock & Rollin!

oh yeah baby, rockin is an understatement! We blew past our minimum in 24hrs so we’re good to go. 7-8 July up in the Sierra, we’ll be holding our Short Lens Wildlife Photography Course and lovin every minute of it! Just what kind of “stuff” might you be learning at the Course? Well, did you see this video? Or, you might be asking why there’s a photo of a Bald Eagle in this post? That’s because the photo was taken with a 70-200 lens. You should be asking, “How can that be?” Well, come to the course and I’ll teach you how to do the same thing. The price is only $395, gear is minimum at best and the possibilities are endless. Give us a call at 661.204.1506.