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on Apr 18, 2012 in Aviation

The Doolittle Reunion

On this day in 1942, 80 men launched from a carrier that wouldn’t see years’ end to make a bombing run on Japan. We’re in Dayton, OH with ten of thousands of others to remember that day, those men 70yrs later. There are 20 B-25 Mtichell bombers here to participate in the celebration, memorial today that flew over from Urbaba, OH yesterday. I was very fortunate that my old friends from the AZ Wing of the CAF invited me to fly with them in “Maid in the Shade.” Since I’ve never flown in a B-25, just that made it exciting to me. To fly over in the green house in the nose even more so. And since I’m shooting for a couple of magazines, being able to photograph the arrow formation from the nose was amazing.

Here’s the view I had flying yesterday. Taken with a 18AF, you can see the OH countryside down below. You might notice though, there are no other aircraft in the photo. Never saw a one until back on the ground. The flight was incredible, the experience, over the top, but no photos that I needed. So while I now have a very small idea what it was like flying in a bomber back in the day, I don’t have one image I wanted, not necessarily needed for my articles. I’m not totally freaked, yet, as I have another opportunity to get what I need but it is now putting a little pressure on my mind. That’s a good thing, story telling shouldn’t be easy.