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on Apr 19, 2012 in Aviation

Doolittle Memorial Ceremonies

At 12:20 the 20, B-25s launched from a parked position as if on the Hornet. At 30sec intervals, they roared into the sky to the delight of the crowd of thousands. I was an amazing site and even more sound as one by one they taxied and took off to the south. Once they all were airborn they formed up and exactly at 13:00 they flew over the memorial in a formation of 16 and 4. Sixteen B-25s carrying 80 young men 70yrs earlier winged over the ocean to bomb Japan.

And these are the four Raiders that are still with us. All over 90 now, the smiles on their faces was stirring. Since Jake & I are here working for 67 magazines, we had media credentials so we could shoot the memorial ceremony from the media pit. It was Jake’s first time to “fight” for a photo. While I enjoyed watching him working to make it all work, he didn’t like it so much.