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on Apr 23, 2012 in Field Reports

iPad BT Journal

Thanks to ALL of you for pounding the subscriptions of our iPad version of our BT Journal! With the release of our first back issue, a whole bunch of confusion seems to have risen. Magazine subscriptions through iTunes like many things iTunes & Apple aren’t like what you are use to. This is a prime example. When we released the 15.2 Back Issue, iTunes just tells you a new issue is available. There is no means of indicating it’s a back issue which is why I created the blog, video, cover art for the next issue in the subscription in attempt to explain to folks what was happening. Like any back issue, they are not part of a subscription since they are, a back issue. We will be bringing out more and more of our back issues over time but they are not part of your subscription. Volumes of the BT Journal increase with a subscription. The Premier issue was 15.3, the next issue in the subscription will be 15.4, the “D4” issue with the kit fox on the cover. We can’t just make those kinds of changes or announcements via iTunes, they simply aren’t set up yet for that. Apologize for the confusion but not sure what else we can do to explain this “new” system of magazine delivery.