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on Apr 25, 2012 in Aviation

“What’s Your Favorite D4 Feature?”

This is one of the most common questions I’ve been asked about the D4, “What’s your favorite D4 feature?” Up until last week I really didn’t have one but then I hadn’t pounded the D4 like I did last week. At the Doolittle Reunion I shot the D4 from long before sun up to long after sun down using all my normal settings and testing some of the new ones. It wasn’t until Wed morning that I figured out one of my favorites and that has to be the buffer. What you see above is the take off for the formation for the 13:00 flyover. You’re seeing in the top 3 image the first, middle and last click from the take off series, capturing a total of 53 frames stopping only because the B-25 was too far away to shoot anymore. I didn’t stop because the buffer was full. And the next two images are the first and last of the next burst, shooting without regard to the buffer! The D4 buffer and write speed is just freaking amazing! Wednesday evening I did my first air to air shoot with the D4 and again, I just let down on the hammer and only once did the D4 firing slow down when the empty got full. That’s ten frames per second Nef shooting at it’s best. So to answer the question, “What’s your favorite D4 feature” it has to be the buffer.

And to jump to the chase, what’s my next favorite feature? It’s gotta be the “improved” autofocus system. Now is it perfect, does it work all the time and with everything? Now I’m going to be a toad and answer this question with, you’ll have to get the upcoming issue of the BT Journal or wait a few months until I blog it. I do have some info you won’t find in the instruction book and so far I’ve not seen anyone put out. I can honestly say it performs and in ways that are better then the D3 which I didn’t think could be improved upon.