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on Apr 28, 2012 in K&M Adventures

Totally Got Butt Kicked!

Before you go gettin excited and think I know what I’m doing, what you see here are just 2 of the 14 sharp images I got last night out of the 168 images I took of Black Skimmers skimming. That kind of success rate sucks and I’m not pleased! What as the problem? That I don’t know because while I had the bird in the frame and the composition worked, the skimmers weren’t sharp. I started to play with the AF pattern of the D4 and while it improved my keeper rate (these were taken using D51), it still wasn’t consistent enough for me. Now the sun was almost down, the contrast range below the minimum, I wanted better. So, I have some more testing to do to figure out if it was pilot error, camera deficiency or a combination of both.