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on Apr 27, 2012 in Wildlife Photography, K&M Adventures

K&M FL Adventure Begins

K&M Adventures in down in FL with a great bunch of folks and killer subjects. To get everyone on the same page, warmed up and pixels workin, went to a favorite, secret beach that’s great for cool birds. We had a White phase Reddish Egret come in and then this Tricolored. While note rare, the Tricolored is simple a fun bird as they go through their gyration foraging. For wildlife photographers, they are great practice for long lens panning. With the low light levels, there is an even greater challenge to the photography. What a perfect start! Then the sun popped up. Right then I was focused in on this Laughing Gull. The sun bounced off the puddle in front of the gull really giving it a “weird” light that for some strange reason, I like. So I clicked and after the first click, off the gull flew. Then there are the shorebirds. I love Willets and this one coming into its breeding plumage is schweet! Whenever I find...

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on Apr 26, 2012 in Camera Tech

D4 10fps, 72 file Buffer, Moose Shooting

I thought after a few emails and a phone I’d better explain my post of yesterday, What’s Your Favorite D4 Feature in a little depth (just to avoid more emails). The D4 is new in my camera bag, it is an expensive tool and like any tool, I wanna know what it can do. If part of that D4 price tag is paying for a 10fps, 72 file buffer, I wanna know if nothing else if I’m getting my monies worth. Yeah, I can sit in my office and hold down the hammer and see it work, but that’s not good enough for me. So when I had the opportunity last week to blast away as each B-25 took off for the Doolittle Reunion, I thought it was the perfect field test for this system. The combination of the D4 having to autofocus, fire and write over and over again was a great stress for the system and proved to me, it works. You get MORE then your monies...

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on Apr 26, 2012 in Great Stuff

Copper Hill

You might remember a few weeks back my looking for and finding an easy and inexpensive way to clean my sensor brushes. Well, during that process I went looking for other sensor cleaning solutions. My current MLP Ed sent me a great product shot he had done of Copper Hill brushes so it made me think about their products. I contacted them and while I was in Dayton, their box arrived. I just got to FL and my first opportunity to work with them. THEY ROCK!!! First, their brushes are gorgeous and really inexpensive. Next, their cleaning swabs are killer (seen pictured here)! You use a “common handle” over and over again, simply swapping out the cleaning cloth. This is not only environmentally friendly and really inexpensive, its the same basic system (but not the tools) Nikon uses to clean sensors. I can carry the one handle and a tone of cleaning swabs for pennies and no space with the Copper Hill system. So while I love Visible Dust,...

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on Apr 25, 2012 in WRP Ed Zone

Additional Dates – SLWPC

oh yeah baby, we’re rockin bigtime! We basically filled our original 7-8 July course so added an additional weekend 18-19 August. We’ll be holding our Short Lens Wildlife Photography Course twice this summer. Just what kind of “stuff” might you be learning at the Course? Well, did you see this video? Will we have snow like you see in these photos? That’s a darn good question after this last week but we have had snow every month in the Sierra so you just never know. These photos of a Cassin’s Finch and Evening Grosbeak were taken right out my office window. How did I make that happen? Well, come to the course and I’ll teach you how to do the same thing. The price is only $395, gear is minimum at best and the possibilities are endless. Give us a call at...

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on Apr 25, 2012 in Aviation

“What’s Your Favorite D4 Feature?”

This is one of the most common questions I’ve been asked about the D4, “What’s your favorite D4 feature?” Up until last week I really didn’t have one but then I hadn’t pounded the D4 like I did last week. At the Doolittle Reunion I shot the D4 from long before sun up to long after sun down using all my normal settings and testing some of the new ones. It wasn’t until Wed morning that I figured out one of my favorites and that has to be the buffer. What you see above is the take off for the formation for the 13:00 flyover. You’re seeing in the top 3 image the first, middle and last click from the take off series, capturing a total of 53 frames stopping only because the B-25 was too far away to shoot anymore. I didn’t stop because the buffer was full. And the next two images are the first and last of the next burst, shooting without regard to the buffer!...

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