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on Apr 23, 2012 in Field Reports

iPad BT Journal

Thanks to ALL of you for pounding the subscriptions of our iPad version of our BT Journal! With the release of our first back issue, a whole bunch of confusion seems to have risen. Magazine subscriptions through iTunes like many things iTunes & Apple aren’t like what you are use to. This is a prime example. When we released the 15.2 Back Issue, iTunes just tells you a new issue is available. There is no means of indicating it’s a back issue which is why I created the blog, video, cover art for the next issue in the subscription in attempt to explain to folks what was happening. Like any back issue, they are not part of a subscription since they are, a back issue. We will be bringing out more and more of our back issues over time but they are not part of your subscription. Volumes of the BT Journal increase with a subscription. The Premier issue was 15.3, the next issue in the subscription will be...

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on Apr 20, 2012 in Aviation, Friday Thoughts

No Control Problem Solving

Click Here for Big Image To get to my point, I need to give you a little background trivia. Before the prop ever turns, a brief is held, actually a couple of them. The reason of the brief is to go through the photo mission so all parties are on the same page for a number one reason, the main being safety. I was incredibly fortunate that my friends who fly the Texas Flying Legends Museum aircraft asked if I would do an air to air shoot with them. So they were my client, they had specific formations, “family portraits” they wanted taken. At the same time, they did this amazing flight for two WWII veterans, brothers. One flew in a P-47 (in the back of the P-51 during this flight) and the other a tail gunner in a B-25 (in Betty’s Dream). The photo mission was then not only the family portrait but portraits of the brothers flying again. Before the main brief with all pilots, Doug (who...

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on Apr 20, 2012 in Great Stuff, Just Out!

iPad BT Journal – 1st Back Issue Released!

We’re getting better! Our latest issue of the iPad BT Journal was accepted by iTunes the first time and we’re excited to bring it to you. We worked hard to greatly expand this incredibly popular issue of our Journal. Brent was constantly asking for more images, more images which he inserted into this issue. When he went to my Triple Scoop account and got some music and my huge video library and grabbed a number of segments, I was getting really excited and he does not dissapoint. This is a great issue waiting for you! Your response to the iPad version of the BT Journal has us working on more and more issues. Now this issue is a “back issue” and can be purchased singularly. If you bought a subscription, you can simply click and get it. All of these things you can do in app. BT Journal Premiere Digital Issue – FREE!Ipad version released 03.30.12 – FREE! (click on icon) Subscriptions like anything iPad is purchased through iTunes....

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on Apr 19, 2012 in Aviation

A Flight with Friends

After an amazing day that started really earlier, I was invited to go flying with some friends. With the amazing Larry Kelly in the right seat calling the sets, I laid in the tail of his B-25 “Panchito” photographing a group of very talented pilots I am incredibly fortunate to call friends. With only 90min of sleep again last night, I only had time to put up this one photo of the four ship. You have here a P-51 Mustang, P-40 Warhawk, AM6 Zero and FG-1D Corsair. Not seen was the B-25 Mitchell. This is a whole other story I’ll have to share at a later date. But I can say…wow!!! In the Bag D4 70-200VR2 Lexar 64GB 1000x...

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