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on May 1, 2012 in Landscape Photography

K&M Hits Another Favorite of Mine

Florida has many, many bird treasures, deciding which ones to share with our K&M gang was a challenge. This afternoon after shooting in Ybor and a great dinner at the Columbia, we decided to take the group to a very special place, the Brandon Rookery. This is a relatively young rookery so it’s still growing. Rookerys take on a life of their own each spring and this spring, the Wood Storks were there in big numbers. Now if you never been to a rookery, the first time especially, it is an amazing sensory overload of sights, sounds and smells! The celebration of life is simply uplifting as you see all stages of new life going through the daily struggle to break the bonds of the nest. Where in all of this do you point your lens?

This is an essential question I wasn’t asked but would love to share with you. I come to natural events like this with a definite strategy. That’s because without it, the overload means you tend to just shoot shotgun and not sniper. You point your lens here and there and back again hoping that the click will later make sense when you need to be selective from the get go. I tend to start looking for family groups. I move the lens around looking through it at the various family groups in the rookery. I then start to eliminate those that are just too “busy” or in bad light of the chicks are at a stage in life they are not cute anymore. Once I have my selection narrowed down to two or three family groups that are photographically cool, I visually concentrate on just those and point my lens at the one that is the coolest at that moment. The top image you kinda get the idea of overload of elements, the bottom image of a more selective look at the rookery. Now I’m not saying you don’t take the wide shot and only telephoto. I’m simply talking a strategy to tell the story and this is the one I use and has been successful for me.