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on May 1, 2012 in Landscape Photography

The Rookery Clowns

There was one location on the rookery my lens found itself pointed the vast majority of the time, what in my mind I called the clowns. There was three great attributes about this one area. They were at the top of the rockery so the background which is physically in the distance is out of focus bigtime. Next, they age class of the chicks, they not only look cute but also comical and are very animated. Lastly, at the end of the day, they would have the last great rays of light. I shot about 600 images this evening of just these funny characters!

I also shot a ton of video this evening. The D4 simply does an amazing job and when attached to the 600, it’s just cool (the D4 has a video feature not even found in the D800 I’ll be talking about a lot in the upcoming issue of the BT Journal). Now I’ve been wearing reading classes for a few years. Jumping back and forth from shooting stills and then video, I have to put them on to see the LCD in Liveview mode to focus. This sucks! So when I learned about the SmallHD, I had one in the office a few days later. I’ll have much more about this shortly but wanted to bring it to your attention now. Its large screen and sharp image makes it possible to critically focus without glasses and easily follow the action. We had lots of action and this night, it simply rocked!