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on May 1, 2012 in K&M Adventures

Ybor City – Back to a Challenge

After the gorgeous morning at Myakka, we headed back into the city, an unique city. My bud RC introduced me to the magic and “special” life of Ybor some time ago and I like to visit it at least once a year. This is a real photographic challenge for me. It’s kinda tight quarters where photographs don’t jump out at you, you’ve gotta look for them. You also have to take the sensory overload and narrow down the final image into the viewfinder. I’m not the best at doing this but do know what doesn’t work when I see it. This photo wasn’t my find, a couple of other participants had found the scene and really loved it. But their photo didn’t look like this. What they showed me included the four walls of the “bombed” out bldg before you get to this scene. With 65% of the photo washed out exposed cement, I made a funny face and said in typical Moose fashion, it sucked. That went over like a lead balloon because within their minute with the scene, it would seem the formed an extreme attachment to this bombed out four walls. Then walking forty feet forward to make this click you see here and sharing that idea, went over as a lead balloon as well.

After being told I didn’t get it and didn’t see it, I came across this scene in a window and it made me smile. I think it kinda sums up what it is to be a photographer and at times, an instructor. You’ve gotta have courage and heart in photography. You’ve gotta have both with you go click. You’ve gotta have both when you share your photography and you really have to have both when you are asked to comment on a photograph. Yeah, I could have been a whole lot gentler in saying the photos suck, but it wouldn’t change the fact they suck. I don’t think the top image is worth blogging other then to tell this story. It’s a stick against a wall framing a stick with color. But here’s the deal…the only person you have to make happy with your photography is yourself. Period, end of story! That only changes when you ask someone elses opinion because when you do that, you are then seeking a gratification that might not come and that hurts. This is a challenge of photography, for myself just like anyone else wins and sometimes looses. And the best news, either way the sun will rise tomorrow! it’s only a photograph.