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on May 2, 2012 in Digital Darkroom

D4 & Photomatix Pro 4.2

Light…it’s what makes photography go round. I have found the D4 sees and records light differently then anyother camera before it. While at first it threw me, now I really like it. It has changed the way I expose for HDR a tad and expanded what I can do which I like. What you see here is a 5 image HDR. With the D3 I would have had an initial exp comp of -1 but in this case, it was 0. The additional information the D4 provides makes a subtle difference in the final image, but I like it. That little extra info in the highlights and shadows just gives the image a tad more depth. This is a FG-1D Corsair shot just before the sun actually lit it. The ground fog had lifted but was still adding density to the air. It was a gorgeous morning and to bring out the detail from under the wing to the funky sky, HDR was the only way to go.

Now up to today, I was using HDR Efex Pro (and I like it!) for processing my D4 HDR images. Photomatix Pro just released ver4.2 and I LIKE IT! The Corsair was processed using 4.2 and my default settings (which you can find here). My settings for either HDR programs is only a very slight tweak of the their default. I’m going after a “realistic” HDR image that represents what my eyes could see and the camera could not capture. My point here is the D4 does a better job of capturing that light from the start which makes the finishing not only faster, but better. For me, it’s just another reason I like the D4. Don’t understand this D4 metering thing? I go through it in the upcoming D4 BT Journal issue 🙂