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on May 6, 2012 in Digital Darkroom

New CS6 Features You Might Have Missed

Until teaching CS6 this weekend to our Photoshop for Shooters, I had already taken for granted new features in CS6. There really is a whole lot, some are pretty darn big but the ones I really like are kinda behind the scenes. Simple things like the Save progress bar isn’t in the middle of your photograph anymore, hurrah!!!The photograph above is another example of a new feature. Photoshop has a new Auto Save function with the default being every 5min. I had just finished this photo when we had a major power surge at the hotel we were staying. TVs went off and the notebook went dark. When I rebooted and launched PS, a few moment later the file came up and I just kept on going. Now that’s cool!A biggie to me but in reality it’s a small thing is the Auto-Collapse Iconic Panels option (which you have to check). Since I like the photo to fill the whole workspace when I’m in Photoshop, panels like Actions or Mini Bridge staying open until you clicked on them to close them got real old to me. Having this option so they close with you click basically anywhere in the work space is GREAT!!! And as a teacher, I really like the Bicubic Automatic option when sizing files. It’s the default and while I’m still testing it, so far I found it to work really sweet. When I teach photography or Photoshop, I’m constantly saying the lots of little subtleties add up to big drama. These are little subtleties in CS6 which to me add up to big improvements!