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on May 9, 2012 in Field Reports

CS6 Tilt & Shift

You might remember I posted a number of images that I called the “miniature” effect. It required a vivid imagination and the gorgeous 24PC-E lens. I loved that lens and used it for my ultra panos and for creating miniatures. Now just what is a “minature” you’re asking?

If you look at the top image and compare it to the image below it, you’ll see bands of out of focus. This along with the perspective give you the feel of looking at little models rather then real life, full scale items. In this case, there are the B-25s lined up at the Doolittle’s Raiders reunion a couple of weeks back (a little Nik’s CEP4 Split Grad action is going on in the top image). This though wasn’t taken with a 24PC-E but rather a 24-70AFS lens.

One of the new filters in Photoshop CS-6 is Tilt Shift. Bottomline, you don’t need to own a tilt shift lens anymore to create this effect. In fact, you can create it on the fly on any image you like taken with any lens you like with any effect and any point, YOU like! No, it’s not a big deal. It’s just fun and anything photographic that is just fun works for me!