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on May 9, 2012 in Gear Just Introed!

The New WT-5A

I’ve been hooking up DSLR ever since they first came out and for the most part, I’d rather dance with a porcupine. The connections were just that painful. Well, not is such the case with the new WT-5A for the D4! I so remember making the tech calls in the past trying to getting the camera to talk to the network, no calls required with the WT-5A. You screw it into the side, follow the instructions step by step and 3min later, I can’t believe that, 3min later and I could see the images appear on my iPad!

You might be wondering and you should be asking why a wildlife photographer would want a WT-5A? If you look back, you’ll see I have a huge track record of trying to shoot remotely while having control. It started by with the F3AF and the special prism that permitted wired remote operation. It hasn’t stopped and now that the WT-5A, the possibilities are amazing. The WT-5A just arrived in the office between trips so I’ve only been able to confirm set up is a snap. But the fact that WT-5A makes the D4 it’s own “hot point” gives the meaning of remote firing all new possibilities. I can’t wait to get back and field test this unit!

Many have said and rightly so, it’s expensive. I’ve yet to see a worthy camera accessory that wasn’t expensive. Many of emailed me about some of the inexpensive units that seem to work with the D4. I’ve not seen them and probably won’t. While they might work, I will stick with the WT-5A if for no other reason, it works perfectly the first time I plugged it in. Seriously, Live View viewing and operation right on the iPad…sick! I can’t say that about any other unit in the past that I tried. You can learn more about the WT-5A here and watch the blog, more’s to come I’m sure!