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on May 10, 2012 in Technology

D4’s AF

I posted a week ago a shoot with Black Skimmers and the D4. I’ve heard from a few folks in regards wondering if I determined what the problem was with the D4. This could be because since the D4 is new, folks are looking for issues, even Nikon has posted one of them. In my particular case, I wasn’t getting the results I thought I should. As if mentioned at the end of this post, I didn’t know if the problem was pilot error, camera error or combination of both. Since then I have found the answer and it was pilot error because the pilot, that would be me, didn’t read the instruction book thoroughly enough to see that Nikon has created a new feature for focusing in low light with subjects that have low contrast. What is that feature you ask? You can either read the IB like I did or get the upcoming BT Journal which explains it all. But when it comes to AF operation, the D4 is delivering for me better performance then the D3 family so I’m quite happy with it. And as for all the reported problems with the D4, knock on wood, I’ve not experienced any that other shooters have reported.