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on May 10, 2012 in Landscape Photography

It’s Going to be a Great Spring on the Eastside!

I cruised up the Eastside this morning on the way to the airport and found it really hard to keep on going. While we had a scad amount of moisture this winter, spring is here and it’s gorgeous! And…can’t believe I’m saying this…I saw some wildflowers that made me want to stop! I’m in NY teaching and shooting but can’t wait to get back home to shoot. Mono Lake which you see above was spectacular this morning and I can’t wait to share it, the wildflowers and waterfalls with the folks joining us the end of the month for our Mono Lake Weekend.

Once of the best things has been the clouds playing with us nearly everyday. This past weekend, the biggest, darkest, coolest cloud I’ve ever seen on the eastside slide over the crest stopping everyone to watch its passing. To make this shot, 5 image HDR was required. To pull the detail from the sunrise to the shadow, I wanted the information to show the depth of a formation we call the Ghost Ship. Can’t wait to share this with folks, mornings on the eastside are always special!