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on May 14, 2012 in Field Reports

I Can’t Get Enough of that Skyline!

I saw this great, iconic sign while in Manhattan and called my skyline fixer and asked if he had access to get the shot and sure enough, a few moments later I was in place. The New Yorker is a sign you can see easily around town but I was looking for an iconic click especially since we had clouds. The shot is not perfect since I don’t have perfect cemetery but it’s a great start. I look forward to making it better next time.

While up there, there was NO way I wasn’t going to ignore the rest of the skyline! I’m not sure what it is, the shapes, colors, water towers, combination there of but whatever it is, the lines just speak to me and I’ve got to photograph them. The architecture is absolutely gorgeous and the transition between new and old just grabs my attention. I am seriously working towards a rooftop workshop where we just shoot these things. I mean, this is just a “noon” light kind of shot and I love them. Just think what it would be like at sunrise, sunset or twilight?!!! You should be asking how I got the buildings so square? Did I use a PC lens? Nope…I went up to them, I shot across to them and not up on them. That makes all the difference in the world. Oh yeah…all these photos are 5 image HDR handheld images shot with D4 & 24-70AFS. No way you can see into the shadows these canyons create without it.