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on May 14, 2012 in Just Out!

Jay & B&H 800 #



The guy who took care of me for soooo many years getting me the film I needed, Jay @ B&H, well I finally met him and it was GREAT!!! Now he runs the place and he’s there to take care of you! Well, the phone sales at least and in one of life’s great ironies, he runs the Moose 800 hotline at B&H! It’s now all working, got the bugs out and I’ve met with all the guys who will be taking your calls and orders and it’s all good. You call either of these numbers and you’ll get personalized, like Moose assistance and at times, some exclusive deals. The more you use it, the more we can expand it to help you even more. And if you get Jay, tell him Moose sent ya. He’s the best!