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on May 14, 2012 in Just Out!

Wow…What a Response…Thanks!

Thanks for all the emails folks…lemme answer the most common questions for you. The B&H Event Space is simply a really cool place to be! The response from all of you who attended has been over the top, thanks ever so much! David Brommer deserves a ton of credit and thanks by all who present and learn in this great space! And David has his hands full when he brings the Mooser in! I did two presentations last Thursday, one I simply unpacked my Think Tank and talked about the gear I shoot with. Images from my last six weeks on the road appeared in the background, D4 features talked about in videos, etc. This class was video tapped and should appear on the B&H network in the near future.

Now my other class was a first for B&H and David and his taking it on just goes to show you how far he will go to help photographers learn. Now I’m a Windows guy, always have been but the Event Space is set up for Macs so when I show up, all hell breaks loose (and for other reasons too). My insistence of doing The Crit class with my Windows machine so I could use CS6 delayed the start of the class so some who traveled a great distance to have me say something about your photos, did have your images hit the screen. You’ve already heard from David (because he is a pro!) and know I’ll be back this fall and we’re going to take care of you. But, this class was not recorded so it won’t appear on the B&H network, sorry. We have a couple great classes planned for this fall so stay tuned though. And thanks for all the NYC Love…it was great!!!